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Happy Birthday Gmail

Today is the 6th birthday of Gmail. Which reminded me of another tip that you might not think is worth wasting time writing about, but it is another simple and obvious thing that many people should, and need to do.

Setup a personal email account.   

All throughout college I used my student email account for everything. After graduation I no longer had any need for the account, nor did I want to deal with the 5000 junk mails in it. I also didn’t really want to send professional messages or job inquiries with my T-Unit@yahoo account that I registered when I was 12.

I recommend two things. First, use Gmail to set up your account. It is free, has a ton of storage space, has a simple and easy to use chat feature and you can mess around with Google Buzz (I won’t even begin to start talking about that right now because I still honestly have no idea what the hell it is)

Second, when registering, simply use your own name as your username. You want people to know and remember the words your parents had a hospital write on your birth certificate. You don’t want them to know you as DirtyDawg05.

Again, this is another obvious and simple step in improving your online and professional personal brand so make sure you do it ASAP if you haven’t already.

Check out this article on 6 ways Gmail revolutionized email if you’re interested