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Diplomuh Quick Tip #2 – Cover Your Privates

Set your Facebook to private and make sure all of the security and sharing settings are keeping your information safe.

Click my profile as an example of covered privates:  Thomas Evans Facebook

Reciting your favorite Gucci Mane lyrics (hopefully you don’t have favorite Gucci Mane lyrics) and setting your profile picture to you making your liver weep should be a thing of the past.  If you want to continue to do these things, the absolute first thing that you must do is configure your Facebook (or Myspace if you somehow still have a profile) security settings.

Facebook should be for your personal relationships only. Recruiters, employers and professionals should not have access to it; it’s for your best interest. Facebook is the one profile I keep private to the public in case I want to post something like:

“your cutlass motor knockin, because it is a lemon
my rifle georgia peaches, but you look more like a lemon”


Yup, those are Gucci Mane lyrics.

Gucci Mane says make sure your profile is private. ASAP.